The following is a list of possible workshops my team and I have put together to help your company achieve its goals.

5 Keys to Optimal Health

  • Real Food in the Sacred House
  • To Supplement or Not
  • Your Personal Culture
  • Cleanse Your Body, Cleanse Your Life
  • Stressed Out

Weight Loss and Maintenance

  • 8/12/16 Week Program
  • Individual Programs
  • Biggest Loser Contest

Dr. O's Smoothie

  • Avoiding Common Smoothie Problems
  • Making the Perfect Smoothie for YOU
  • Drink Your Food
  • Start the Day Powerfully

Diabetes Prevention / Reduction

  • 8/12/16 Week Program
  • Individual Programs
  • Ancient Herbs and Remedies That Still Work Today

Cardiovascular Prevention

  • 8/12/16 Week Program
  • Individual Programs
  • The Keys to reducing Cardiovascular Disease

Healthy Eating On-The-Go


  • On-the-go with preparation (quick easy things to prepare to make the fast life healthier)
  • On-the-go (eating on the road) Eating healthy in an unhealthy environment


  • Reducing the impact of jetlag, owning your bio-rhythms
  • How to help the body deal with the stress of the job.
  • Preventing diseases you don't have yet


  • Tips for dealing with a hectic lifestyle.
  • Staying fit on the road
  • Refueling when you are home

Dr. Ogilvie has worked with participants 2 years in a row on The Better Body Challenge with the 20 participants losing over 500 pounds.

Corporate Wellness

Dr. Ogilvie has teamed up with world-class coaches in fitness and health working with many organizations and corporations giving health talks and workshops. The following are just a few.

Whole Foods (Tyson's, Vienna, Reston), DogTag Bakery, Mclean Bible Church, US Government printing office, US Department of Justice, INOVA Life with Cancer.

Recently, Dr. Ogilvie worked with 25 people in the Lorton, Virginia area along with Life Coach Mark Silverman and Trainer Cheryl Majeski. Over 3 months the group lost over 500 lbs. These are some of the pictures.

Group Health, Corporate Wellness in Falls Church

Dr. Ogilvie works with groups on nutrition, weight loss,

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