Many Americans are suffering from a lack of health. Although their blood work may be alright, blood pressure is 120/80, they don't feel healthy. These people may have the beginnings of all of these conditions on this page. When the body is in Dis-Ease it does not feel healthy. Dr. Ogilvie works with people to strive to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH.

Chronic Fatigue

Very common in Americans, especially those who are in stressful jobs, chronic fatigue affects millions. There are a variety of causes of chronic fatigue including vitamin deficiencies and endocrine disorders. Dr. Ogilvie works with clients to identify the source of the the fatigue and support the body in raising deficiencies and achieving healthy, natural energy.

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is one of the top killers of Americans currently. Dr. Ogilvie works with clients to allow the body to heal and possibly reverse the effects of cardiovascular disease.

GastroIntestinal System

For Naturopathic Doctors, health generally begins in the "Gut". Dr. Ogilvie works with clients to help support the process of reducing inflammation, healing the stomach, and striving for optimal health through healthy foods, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle.

Diabetes Type II

Type II Diabetes can occur in people as a result of a high refined carbohydrate diet. With permanent nutrition and lifestyle changes, many people have been able to reverse their Type II diagnosis. Dr. Ogilvie works with clients to provide nutritional, supplemental, and lifestyle changes that allow the body to return to a non-diabetic state.

Endocrine System

Endocrinological conditions affect many people and can have significant affect on people's daily lives. Hypothyroid or adrenal fatigue can sap a person's energy and make getting out of bed a daily chore. Dr. Ogilvie works with clients to balance their bodies endocrine system and help maintain healthy vibrant energy.

Common Health Conditions:

Diabetes, Adrenal Fatigue, Cardiovascular Disease, Gastrointestinal, Migraines

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